Snail Quest

You’ve encountered a snail, will you see where they lead you to?

Click on them.

The Plot

You are a lost snail traveling through the void, unaware of your past leading up to now aside from the fact that you have a mom. In your desperate search for her, you will try to memorize paths repeatedly while encountering strange beings. Who are they? What purpose do they serve in the void? You don’t know, but they will aid you on your quest regardless of your ignorance.

Snail Quest is a memory adventure game made in Adobe Animate. It’s pretty simple, but took a lot of work to make sure everything functioned properly. Lots of sleep was lost in the process, so I hope you enjoy playing it!



The Encounters


A lineup of all the creatures you’ll meet in your short journey from beginning to end. All of these were drawn by hand with poscas since I never intended for them to be used for something, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The contrast between the hand drawn and digital elements make them the slightest bit more imperfect and unsettling.

The Flowers

Each encounter gives you a flower, why? There’s not any particular reason for it, but imagine that they lost something to the void as well. Maybe the nice dragon lost a family member like the snail did, but she refuses to go on without them. The lynx could’ve grown too vain and lost sight of their true self, hence the void distorting their appearance. Perhaps the third creature had a terminal illness and was close to death before entering the void. The last lad? I imagine they face an inner battle that takes precedence over the world around them, making them unaware of the void as a whole.

Just what is the void? Who knows, but I think some of you do. The flowers (and tissue) serve as a kind gesture, and though neither end is where the snail wanted to be, they still provide some assistance and comfort in that moment.

The Choice

The last level is the easiest in terms of memorizing, for the player that is. When the snail forgets the path, it’s up to you to decide its fate. Will you go to the right, where nothing is left? Or to the left, where nothing is right?