Lowpoly Landscape


Two versions of a lowpoly landscape built around the narrative of a portal’s past and present state. Which version is which is up to your interpretation, though it’s more likely you’ll assume the first is the past and the second is the present.

While working on the second version I used the same mesh as my mushrooms as a base for the jellyfish, and something that came up as a result was the thought of their connection to the portal. Maybe the jellyfish were once the mushrooms, and vice versa. If the first version was the past, then maybe the jellyfish evolved to be much smaller and unbound to the land in order to find someone who could repair the portal and restore them to their less sentient state. If the second version was the past, then maybe the being in the submarine came across the broken portal and used the jellyfish’s energy as a means to repair it, resulting in the mushrooms growing around the portal. Regardless, it was really fun to think about.

Wireframe Wips