Pondering Pheuma


A little ferret-like creature in it’s natural environment.

Creature Info


Similar to squirrels, these guys can be found anywhere there’s a tree in sight, but they’re more exclusive to quieter regions. You wouldn’t find them chilling in a tree in the suburbs, but if you went for a walk in a national park you could stumble upon a few.


I’d like to imagine they mostly spend their time in trees, since they have all that they need there except for water during drier seasons. They would consume insects and bugs for protein, but their diet would mostly consist of foliage and mushrooms. They’re pretty active throughout the day, jumping from tree to tree and climbing back and forth if they went to gather things from the ground. At night they are sound asleep, although they tend to be awake longer during the fall to prepare for hibernation in the winter.


Highly curious, though sometimes too skittish to explore new things. They’re quick to run at any sign of something being abnormal in their day to day routine, aside from weather related anomalies.


The water was animated using shape keys, and the creature was animated using an armature.