Cat Cafe Ad Campaign

An ad campaign created for a local cat cafe in my advertisement class. The goal was to promote the cafe as a place where you could meet your “furever” friend, since the cats you see in the cafe can also be fostered or adopted. I decided to center my campaign around the myth of the red thread of fate, since the thread acts as a physical symbol showing the fated connection between two people.

Print Ads



The commercial would start off showing the viewer an abandoned cat in an alley. It looks tired and hungry, but most of all lost. It looks up to see a red string dangling into it’s box when the string suddenly begins to move.

The cat jumps out of the box and chases the string out of the alley and onto the street, turning a corner.

It continues following the string to the cat cafe, where the string slides under the door. The door is red to tie in the string’s color and to suggest a positive environment.

Unsure of a new environment, the cat pauses in front of the door. After a couple seconds the cat works up the courage to enter the cafe.

As the cat enters the cafe, the color palette changes from colder greys to warm browns and tans. This is to reinforce that it’s a welcoming environment, while also reminding the viewer that it’s a cafe. It follows the string to a table where someone is sitting, and rubs against their leg before jumping up.

The string is revealed to be attached to a customer’s sweater, and the cat finally catches up to it. Exhausted from the chase, the cat lays down on the persons laptop while they pet it.

The camera zooms in to emphasize the cat’s content expression in contrast to how sad it looked at the beginning of the commercial.

The camera zooms out a little and moves up to show the cats ears along with the newly designed logo.

Branding and Sketches